Relocation in a globalised world. We know how.

Dominique Hinden Tax, Legal & Relocation

As globalisation continues unabated, the issue of where to live in one’s current phase of life is increasing in significance all the time. People’s living circumstances are changing and new periods of life are emerging, with political, legal and individual factors causing them to relocate with increasing frequency. It is important to think of all the important things in plenty of time and act with foresight, preparing and initiating the necessary steps. This will ensure that the relocation runs smoothly and your arrival at your new home is an enjoyable experience.

Our services:

Selection of domicile internationally or within Switzerland Selection of suitable school (public or private) Real estate (purchase or rent) Residency and work permits Tax planning, including asset structuring and lump-sum taxation Social security, pension funds, life insurance, employee participation plans, etc. Insurance (health, liability, household, car, etc.) Changes to wills/succession structure