Transfer prices offer attractive opportunities. We know how.

Andreas Wenger Business Consulting

The alignment of taxes and in particular transfer prices with a company’s effective economic substance in a country has become a reality. In addition, the principle of taxation at the effective place of management has now become the norm in practically all developed countries. With our integrated approach, we help you to implement regulations while simultaneously utilising the existing business and tax-related opportunities.

Our services:

Analysis of value chain (holistic analysis of your company’s key value drivers) Mapping of business functions, assets, control mechanisms, financing and risks linked to value creation Definition of the role of legal entities in the creation of value within the company group Identification of optimisation potential for the company (business processes, risk management, KPIs, etc.) Development of a sustainable transfer price model and strategy Creation of documentation (master file, local file, country-by-country reporting) Support in connection with transfer price disputes